Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How Time Flies - Kylie's X Album is 5 Years Old

I cannot believe it is 5 years today since Kylie's fantastic album X was released. I remember it clearly when I got it in my greedy little hands and played it for the first time. I loved it from the get go.

Kylie - "2 Hearts"

It took me a while to really get into the intro single 2 Hearts, but after a few listens I was hooked. The album was on repeat for several weeks and I became hooked on fantastic songs such as Like a Drug, In My Arms (one of my all time Kylie faves), The One (also a fave), No More Rain, Speakerphone, Nudity.
It was a highly anticipated album by many Kylie fans since it was her first album after beating breast cancer. Though many fans felt it was not personal enough, I thought it was right on the money. It is diverse, has a little bit of everything, dance, pop and electro. It also has some personal moments such as No More Rain which I love. All the singles were fantastic!

Kylie Minogue,Wow,UK,DOUBLE CD SINGLE SET,426100
Kylie Minogue 'In My Arms' single cover
This album also produced many of Kylie's greatest  B-Sides and unreleased songs such as Cherry Bomb, Ripping Up the Disco, Magnetic Electric, In the Mood for Love and many more.
So Happy Birthday X