Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How Time Flies - Kylie's X Album is 5 Years Old

I cannot believe it is 5 years today since Kylie's fantastic album X was released. I remember it clearly when I got it in my greedy little hands and played it for the first time. I loved it from the get go.

Kylie - "2 Hearts"

It took me a while to really get into the intro single 2 Hearts, but after a few listens I was hooked. The album was on repeat for several weeks and I became hooked on fantastic songs such as Like a Drug, In My Arms (one of my all time Kylie faves), The One (also a fave), No More Rain, Speakerphone, Nudity.
It was a highly anticipated album by many Kylie fans since it was her first album after beating breast cancer. Though many fans felt it was not personal enough, I thought it was right on the money. It is diverse, has a little bit of everything, dance, pop and electro. It also has some personal moments such as No More Rain which I love. All the singles were fantastic!

Kylie Minogue,Wow,UK,DOUBLE CD SINGLE SET,426100
Kylie Minogue 'In My Arms' single cover
This album also produced many of Kylie's greatest  B-Sides and unreleased songs such as Cherry Bomb, Ripping Up the Disco, Magnetic Electric, In the Mood for Love and many more.
So Happy Birthday X


  1. I agree! Such a fab album!

    Where does the time go? Jx

  2. One her best, me thinks! "No More Rain" is brilliant, and yes there were several excellent songs from that era that didn't even make it on the album. Kylie at the top of her game!