Thursday, August 25, 2011

New and Old...

In the past few weeks I have managed to pick up albums that I have been meaning to buy and listen to for months. These include the following:

I have already listened to and enjoyed immensly CocknBullKid - Adulthood (which is filled with pop gems such as Asthma Attack, Yellow and my personal fave One Eye Closed),

Diana Vickers  Songs From the Tainted Cherry Tree (personal faves include, Once, The Boy Who Murdered Love and My Hip and I feel it is a shame that the utter fab and campy My Wicked Heart is not included here, due to the fact that the supposed re-issue of the album was cancelled at the last minute).

The Wanted (it came as a surprise how really good and tight their debut album is, so I am going to be keeping an eye out for them in the future, already so loving their new single Glad You Came)

I just love it when you discover good pop music that gives you that warm tingly feeling and you can never have enough music in your house/collection, god knows mine is ever expanding by each day it feels, hehe ;)

Now I just have to find the time to listen to the rest of them.

Enjoy, kisses, teddixxx

This video is so camp and extravagant, I just love both this song and video - Especially the "whoopsie, daisies part"

Will Young - Back to Form...

I just love it when you hear a song that you really like and love, and that song gets you all excited and makes you want to hear it again and again. That is the case with Will Young's new single Jealousy, which has got me all excited and interested in his new album Echoes.

After being a mini fan of Will Young since hearing his fantastic sophmore album Friday's Child, which I played and listened to alot back when it was released, I have always paid attention to what he has been doing musically. He has now released his 5th studio album (released this week) and I am getting a very good vibe and buzz about it, can't wait to hear it :)

I own all his albums of which I feel that Friday's Child is his best so far (maybe Echoes will change that).

After his last album Let It Go I was starting to grow tired of him (and his god awful videos, the one for Let it Go and Hopes & Fears are particularly bad, check it out) and by the time his best of The Hits was released in late 2009 I had grown so tired of him as an artist.

But now after hearing his fantastic new song Jealousy I find myself being interest in his music again and wanting to pull out his albums and give them a repeat listen. This just goes to prove that even though some of the artists you like and love don't deliver with each album or each song, that is ok because when they come back with stuff that you really love you are reminded why you liked them in the first place. You should always stay loyal to the artists you love and like because there had to be a damn good reason why you liked them in the first place and that comes through in the music.

Don't get me wrong, I am not a mega huge Will Young fan, I just love his voice and how he can deliver that bittersweet feeling in his songs, and he has released some great songs such as Leave Right Now, Friday's Child, Allt Time Love, If it Hadn't Been For Love and now his best so far the melancholy and delicious Jealousy, produced brilliantly by dance producer Richard X (he produces the whole album, can't wait to hear it). And it does not hurt to have a fab gay themed video about jealousy to accompany the song, hehe.

Now I just have to sit back and wait for the album to arrive in my mailbox (already ordered it, I am that excited, hehe) and it is a plus that some of the people Will wrote with on the album are the same people that have worked with my queen, Kylie Minogue (most of the album is done by people who have written pop gems for Kylie, such as All the Lovers, Slow, Tightrope, Your Love, In Your Eyes, Love at First Sight and so on).

So it is no wonder that I love Jealousy so much, it is written by the same people that wrote All the Lovers, one of my all time fave Kylie song :)

Here is a short interview with Will Young about the album and how he feels this is his best work so far. He could be right because the album is getting very good reviews.

I'll stop rambling now.

Kisses, teddixxx

Will Young: "Echoes Is Probably My Best Record"
EXCLUSIVE | We find out more about Will's brand new album here...

Will Young has exclusively spoken to about his new album Echoes, confessing that it is probably his best record to date.The 2002 Pop Idol champion, who looks likely to top the Official Album Chart with his fifth LP on Sunday, claims he spent almost five years perfecting the record - which he believes shows his growth as an artist.

Speaking of the album, Young admitted: "I’ve been writing Echoes for about five years. It started when I was writing with Andy Cato and I was really interested with how my slow songs were being remixed and still really work so I thought, why don’t I do a record like that."

"We did a song for Groove Armada's last record called History and that got a really good reaction and I just suddenly thought 'this feels right now' and I think if I’d gone from Leave Right Now to the new single Jealousy, it would have been too much of a leap. You’ve got to kind of evolve."

When asked if he would now consider his new sound as "electro-pop", Young claimed: "I would say that’s correct, but I find it really hard to describe a record because I feel like it puts it in a niche. I wouldn’t say it’s out and out electro-pop but I guess if you get more forensic, Richard X has produced it and he comes from a very pop background."

"Steve Lipson has done two of my previous albums and he's got an amazing heritage from working with Annie Lennox to Grace Jones and Whitney Houston. He’s a great friend of mine, he’s like a second dad - so to move away to a new producer was scary but Richard has been brilliant."

Speaking of what his fans can expect from Echoes, Will went on to explain: "I think the whole record is a different sound but what I’m really pleased about is when you evolve, it doesn’t feel like it’s gone too far. Even with the single, Jealousy it’s a very different sound for me but it still feels right."

The 32-year old continued: "It doesn’t feel like I'm trying to be anyone else. I don’t think there will be anything on the record that people would think 'that’s a bit try hard' but there are some quite different songs."

As for the positive reaction his new material has received, an overwhelmed Young stated: "I have got an impression that people are enjoying it and I can tell it from my friends. If they don’t like it, they just don’t comment but they're all being quite nice about it."

"It feels great because I've spent so long on it, it has been a really long project so it would be really disappointing if I was just completely crazy and thought it was good but it wasn’t."

He added: "I feel like this is a good record, this is probably my best record and that’s a really good place to be in. If you can still get that respect, then I think that's the important thing isn’t it?"
By Joanne Dorken

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Hey all :)

Sorry for the lack of posts for the past few weeks, but I have been on vacation, which was fantastic by the way. It is always good to step away from your everyday life and time some time off to relax and enjoy. The best vacation in years.

Kisses, Teddixxx