Sunday, May 27, 2012

Time Bomb

Here is the new Kylie song and video "Time Bomb". I like it and it is quite the summer anthem. She does look stunning as always, in the video and it is a fun Kylie video. It is just Kylie being Kylie.

It is a nice K25 addition but I have to say that I feel it is a little bit lacking and generic. Maybe that is just a matter of opinion. Still, it is Kylie and she always delivers a smash pop song, and that is why I love her. I hope you guys like it.

Kisses, Teddixxx

Monday, May 21, 2012

K25 Suprise - A New Song

Kylie Minogue is expected to debut a new song later this week.

The singer has started a countdown timer on her twitter page which will expire on Friday, May 24 at 7am and is thought to reveal a new track.
Fans believe the new song will be titled 'Time Bomb', which coincides with the image of a time bomb on the web page.
Minogue was spotted on Old Compton Street in Soho, London last month filming a new music video. The star was on the back of a motorbike, wearing a leather jacket with a heart on the front.
Minogue recently announced plans to release a The Best Of collection in the UK on June 4 and the US on June 19.

The compilation includes several of her hits, including 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head', 'Spinning Around' and 'Wow', but doesn't feature the rumoured new song.
Kylie will also perform on this weekend's The Voice UK results show in promotion of her greatest hits set.
It will be very interesting to find out what this song is. It is always exciting to get new Kylie songs.