Friday, July 13, 2012

Thank Disco it is Friday

Yet another weekend upon us and my summer vacation is coming to an end (go back to work on Monday).

What better way to start the weekend then with a little camp, tacky number from the utterly tasteless yet fab girl band Total Coelo. Their 1982 Top-10 hit I Eat Cannibals is such utter camp brilliance, it is hard not to love it. I even have the 7" single to prove it, hehehehe.

Enoy this tacky little number my pets!!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Best of Tori Amos - Sort of


Tori has re-imagined a personally hand-picked collection of songs spanning her entire catalogue
with the thirteenth studio album, Gold Dust. Produced by Tori with arrangements
by long-time collaborator John Philip Shenale, the new album features re-workings of songs in orchestral 
settings, which Tori recorded in the studio with the renowned Metropole Orchestra, conducted by Jules

"My relationship with all of these songs has changed over the years and they have changed my life. So it
wasn't just about capturing the past it was about realizing that the songs had a new narrative now - 10 or
20 years later than they did when I originally recorded them," Tori comments.

Tori will also be doing a very limited number of amazing orchestral shows.

Pink - New Single

Pink is about to releases a new album this coming September. Here is the new single Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

I have liked some of her songs in the past, such as Who Knew, Stupid Girls, U + Ur Hand and I Don't Believe You so let's see how this one goes down.

Celine Dion - New song and album

Celine Dion has released a brand new song called Parler Á Mon Pére, taken from her forthcoming french album which will be released on November 5. She is about to release not one, but two albums this year. One in English and another one in French.

Finally something happening with Celine. I have gradually started to like her over the years, so I am excited that she is finally releasing some new material.

During April and May, Celine began recording songs for her next English and French CDs which will be released later this year. The French CD will feature all new material and the English CD will feature studio versions of previously unreleased songs from her Las Vegas show, as well as several brand new songs. "We do a lot of songs in the show that I've never recorded before, and people are always asking for these when they visit our Boutique, so it's great that we'll finally have these recorded.” Celine added, "I've also received some amazing new songs that I'm very excited about", and eventually we hope to put one or two of these into the show."  

Timebomb Cd Single Sold out?

It would appear that the Cd single for Kylie's Timebomb single is sold out at
You can no longer order it as is apparent by this logo over at the Kylie store.

Time Bomb

Even though I feel this is not one of Kylie's finest singles, I have already purhcases my physical copy from the store because I want it in my Kylie Collection. I do not buy nor like digital downloads because I want my physical copies, something that I can hold in my hands. Call me old fashioned, but I started collecting Kylie on physical format years ago, and I am not about to stop now. Besides, an Mp3 is not the same as a cd , not to mention the difference in sound quality.

Let's hope that most fans have already bought their copies, because this is probably going to go for quite the sum on ebay.

Kylie Fashion


To celebrate K25 Kylie has been working with Thames & Hudson on a book that showcases her 25 year career through fashion. The book will be packed with iconic images as well as the very best rare and unseen archival photography, video outtakes, fashion sketches, designs and ephemera.

Talking about the book Kylie said:
‘This book charts my relationship with some of the most talented people in fashion throughout my career. It makes me very proud to see gathered together all the great designers and houses I’ve worked with over the years. Looking through my personal archives has been a real trip down memory lane and it is the fashion that brings back moments and memories of the last twenty-five years. I can’t wait to share this book with the world.’

Thank Disco it is Friday

Finally friday is here and that means only one thing. Thank disco it is friday. What better way to celebrate the coming weekend than with some vintage disco Kylie (can't believe this song is already 12 years old, where has the time gone)
Enjoy my sweets

Kylie on the Cover of Glamour

Kylie is on the cover of the July issue of Glamour magazine and what can I say other than that she is stunning. The cover pic is fab but I absolutely love the pics inside. They are simple and natural in nature and showcase Kylie in a very uplifting, positive and sexy way.