Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Kylie Duet

Kylie has collaborated with Italian singer Laura Pausini on a new track called "Limpido" which will be featured on Laura's upcoming Greatest hits album The Greatest Hits: Celebrating 20th Anniversary of Career. 

 I for one am happy about his, not only is it a good song, but Kylie delivers great vocals on this. This is far better than the horrible Skirt she released as a buzz track a few months ago. 

Even though "Limpido" is not going to be on any Kylie release, we at least get new Kylie material with this one.



  1. Welcome back Teddi! I agree, anything is preferable than the godawful "Skirt". I rather hope for a remix... Jx

  2. ...as long as it's not a mash-up with "Skirt", obviously...